My name is Kimberly Loeb.

I’m here to help you reduce your pain, create lasting change and feel your best with Ayurvedic self-care, Rolfing® Structural Integration and Yoga therapy. Take your health and well-being into your own hands! I offer group classes, international retreats, online courses and private sessions to help you create a holistic, sustainable lifestyle that supports you in living an active life with confidence, ease, energy and strength. Learn how to manage your pain and experience lasting, real change with conscious breathing, mindset shifts for healing, movement education and transformative bodywork!

I have received a great number of bodywork sessions in my life, and Kimberly’s stand out as among the most effective and enjoyable.

Aaron Banfield, L.Ac.

Working with Kimberly is life changing! SERIOUSLY. Be prepared to become a better you!

Nick Pino

Bodywork and Yoga with Kimberly are experiences like no other! At the end of every session, you will leave feeling calm, radiant and strong.

Jacquie Peterson, R.Y.T.