What is Rolfing® Structural Integration?

Named after its founder, Dr. Ida Rolf, Rolfing® Structural Integration is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues (fascia) which permeate the entire body. Utilizing movement education, as well as soft tissue manipulation and mobilization techniques, Rolfing® S.I. works on these connective tissues to realign, release and balance the body.

What is the Rolfing® Ten-Series?

Initially, Rolfing® S.I. is offered as a set of ten sessions commonly referred to as the “Ten-Series”. The hallmark of Rolfing® Structural Integration, it’s goal is to systematically balance and optimize the entire body. Even though each session is typically offered weekly or every-other week, the Ten-Series is actually designed to work as one continuous session that addresses the body as a whole.

How does Rolfing® S.I. work?

As a Rolfer™,  I work with my fingers, hands, forearms and elbows to restore flexibility in your joints and tissues, revitalize your energy and leave you feeling more comfortable. I assess posture and structure as well as efficiency of movement, aiming to support you in improving your alignment, balance and coordination. In addition, I use therapeutic movement education and instruction that encourages your body to work as a whole, thus beginning to establish new movement patterns, and enhanced body and spatial awareness.

Because Rolfing® S.I. works holistically with the body (rather than simply focusing on the area in which pain is present), it enables the body to regain the natural integrity of its form and encourages freedom of movement as well as postural efficiency. Essentially, Rolfing® S.I. is all about relationships. Since every structure within the human body is connected to another structure (and so on), our physical well-being depends directly on how each of these structures relate to one another and to the body as a whole. It is this holistic framework that supports Rolfing® S.I. in its ability to alleviate pain, dramatically alter a person’s posture and structure, and resolve discomfort for extended periods of time.

Who should consider Rolfing® S.I.?

People with the following conditions have benefited from Rolfing® Structural Integration:

- Acute pain related to an accident or injury
- Anxiety and stress
- Chronic pain
- Headaches and TMJ
- History of injury or trauma
- Limited range of movement
- Poor posture
- Repetitive movement injuries
- Scoliosis
- Stiff or painful joints

Does Rolfing® S.I. hurt?

The intensity of Rolfing® S.I. varies from light, subtle pressure to deep work (which is not necessarily synonymous with physical intensity). I aim to work dynamically, utilizing a wide range of techniques so that my work remains comfortable, effective and therapeutic. If anything feels uncomfortable during your Rolfing® S.I. session, please feel free to let me know and I’ll adjust my technique to meet your needs.

What should I wear to my Rolfing® S.I. appointment?

Men: Briefs, boxer-briefs, comfortable gym shorts or swim trunks.

Women: A bra and underwear, comfortable gym clothes or a two-piece bathing suit.

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